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Attention Mass Tort Attorneys

If you have unresponsive claimants on the Boy Scouts of America case, Prestige will help you connect with them at an 85%+ rate.

It’s sad to think the Catholic Church was just the beginning of reports on child sexual abuse. In January of 2020, eight men filed a lawsuit against the Boy Scouts of America alleging sexual abuse during their time as Scouts. In the ensuing four years, more than 82,000 cases have been filed; the Boy Scouts of America filed for bankruptcy and agreed to a $2.4 billion settlement for victims.

In some cases, roughly 25% of these claimants have become unresponsive.

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Lost Claimant Connection Catalysts

Sexual assault can have significant psychological consequences in victims. This can be amplified in male victims.

• Many suffer PTSD, depression, anxiety, and feelings of powerlessness.

• Many of them experience flashbacks, nightmares, and struggle with talking about or even thinking about their ordeals.

• Victims of sexual assault are 10x more likely to use major drugs than others. This type of use can lead to addiction and often homelessness making staying connected difficult. 
*Note: Prestige is currently working to reconnect BSA claimants with representation. Thus far we’ve seen many incarcerated; living in squalor and deep drug areas. Our female field agents often bring husbands with them to ensure their own safety. “We’re making ways to connect with these men,” says founder Jennifer Garland.

Why Prestige has success with these claimants.

Gender: The majority of our 256,000 field agents are women. Men feel more comfortable discussing this topic with them vs other men.

Discretion: We treat all claimants with respect and never mention the case origin or other details in messages – we only divulge when we talk with the claimant. In one recent case, a firm representative left word on the claimant’s machine mentioning the BSA case. This subject never informed his parents of the abuse. The message created an uncomfortable issue for him.

Empathy: Women experience sexual assault at far higher rates than men. Most women have confronted the possibility (or feared for their safety) and certainly know someone who has. As a result, their empathy is worn on their sleeves.

Attention Law Firms:

Prestige excels in connecting with unresponsive claimants. Send us the claimants you’ve lost track of or those who have not replied to repeated calls for inclusion. Our success rate is 88% to 95% connecting with those claimants and getting them registered.

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