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Mass Tort Companies, Are You Tired of Losing Money Because of Unresponsive Claimants?

Discover how to find up to 90% of all your unresponsive claimants in just 30 days and stop leaving millions on the table. No need to pay thousands to big firms. Guaranteed results or it’s free.

We added $15 million to our most recent client's bottom line. Trusted by leading legal firms like White & Case.

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Revolutionizing Mass Tort Success

It has always been a headache for Mass Tort firms to locate claimants, leading to millions of dollars in missed opportunities.

It's not your fault - the old ways barely worked as it is.

That’s why Prestige developed the Rapid Express Framework: a new and different method that makes finding and contacting missing claimants fast and easy.

This unique approach has been a game-changer, enabling firms to recover millions of dollars they otherwise would have left on the table.

Our recent success? Locating 93% of lost or unresponsive claimants for a client adds an astonishing $15 million to their bottom line.

Meet the Rapid Express Framework:

The fastest, easiest, and most cost-effective way for Mass Tort firms to recover lost claimants.

With a nationwide field agent network and state-of-the-art tactics, we act as your Erin Brockovich and hunt down your missing claimants on foot.

It's tough to find every claimant in a Mass Tort case. When you can't find them, you lose chances to make more money and your legal work isn't as strong.

With Prestige, you gain a trusted partner that reaches every county in the country, utilizing proprietary investigative tactics and dispatching manually vetted and certified field agents.

Stop forsaking millions…

 Book a free consult session today - find out how much additional profit is in your lost claimants' pool.

Embrace the power of the Rapid Express Framework and turn lost claimants into millions.
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