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Are You Having Trouble Growing Your Law Firm, Getting Notarizations Done, and Keeping Your Clients Happy, All While Staying Professional?

Start Solving Those Problems Today by Partnering with Prestige.

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Introducing the Rapid Express Framework - the fastest way to wow your clients with speed and efficiency while effortlessly growing your firm. 

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You place your order in our system, which is the largest in the world, for one of our manually vetted notaries.
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Next, we select a notary for your job who is not only the first available but meets our requirements.
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We make sure the notary confirms appointments, arrives on time, communicates questions with client, and handles the scanning and tracking of documents.
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Finally we invoice you only after the documents are in your hands – making this risk-free for you.

Easy Project Management 
for Big or Small Jobs

Whether you have one signing or hundreds in a week, Prestige can handle it all. Our strong platform works well for both small and big jobs, giving Managing Partners like you the help needed to work confidently.
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Custom Signings & 
Notarizations At No Cost to You

We offer special signing and notarization services, including online ones, to meet your clients’ special needs. With our help, you can give services that show the professionalism of your firm. The best part is, because this is a case expense, it can be passed off to the client.

Get Updates & Reports 
in Real-Time

With Prestige, you’ll always know what’s going on with your projects. We give you updates and detailed reports as things happen, helping you make smart choices for your firm.
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Grow Your Firm Like 
the Big Guys Do

Let us do the hard work so you can focus on growing your firm. We once helped a client with 200 appointments in less than a day! We’re here to give you fast and trustworthy services to help you reach your goals.

Manually Vetted and Certified Agents

We give you access to notaries that we have carefully checked and interviewed. Each one has passed our tough selection process to make sure they’re the best. Now, you and your team can focus on bringing in money instead of managing this process.
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We Manage the Process from Start to Finish

Prestige handles everything from the beginning to the end. We talk to the notaries to make sure they know what to do and are ready to do their jobs perfectly. With us, you’ll have a smooth experience every time.

Many Managing Partners are happy with the help from Prestige. Let us handle the small things so you can lead your firm to success. Fill out the information below to see how Prestige can help you focus on growing your firm.
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