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Immigration Signing Service & Fingerprint Cards

Giving passports and papers to immigration signing service specialist
You’re a busy immigration lawyer who doesn’t have time to spend hours tracking down clients for immigration document signings.

Time is money, and you can’t afford to waste either one.

We’re now offering a new, innovative way to get your clients’ immigration paperwork signed at their location (anywhere in the United States) without having to leave your office or track clients down. With our immigration document signing service, we do the busy work for you to help you expedite their case. We’ll meet your client, gather their signatures, collect their supporting documentation, and handle all the logistics so you can focus on what you’re good at – practicing immigration law and consulting. You can even hire us to get fingerprint cards done at the same time for an extra fee.

With the ability to serve clients across America, whether day, night, or on weekends – you’ll be able to reach more people and help them faster than ever before.

All of our signing agents are fully vetted with federal and state background checks and are trained not to give any immigration advice to your clients, just collect their signatures and get them back to you. You can rest assured that your clients will be well taken care of as we stand behind all of our orders with a Full Satisfaction Guarantee.

Save valuable time today by hiring us to get the documents signed and pick them up for you!

This will free up your time so you can focus on consulting with your clients and practicing immigration law. Plus, because we have immigration signing agents available nationwide, you may be able to expand your immigration practice to other states.

Let’s talk about how our immigration signing service can help streamline and grow your practice!

Call or text Valeria, Director of Business Development, at 425-818-5376

If you prefer email, click here ([email protected]) to get started.

Disclaimer: Prestige provides this service to attorneys. We are not attorneys and rely on you, our attorney clients, to know and understand the laws related to your clients immigration documents and process. We do not provide any immigration consulting or advice for your clients; we just witness the signatures and collect the documents on your behalf.
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