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Why Create an Estate Plan?

Estate Planning comes down to one simple intention: the Love and Care of Family. Often, it involves securing financial stability for the planner or their loved ones (or both). 

Intention aside, Estate Planning requires a lot of paperwork. Whether it’s a simple Last Will and Testament or a Living Revocable Trust; an Irrevocable Trust; Durable Power of Attorney or Medical Power of Attorney, notarizations and legal oversight is required for document validation.

How Prestige Can Help

Estate Planning is generally performed by a legal team. Sometimes other professional services like accountants may orchestrate the process. The attorney who assembles an Estate Plan can actually be anywhere – so long as they are licensed in the state where the Planner resides. However, the notary MUST be local.

Prestige, with its 265,000 licensed notaries across 50 states, assists families and legal teams with documentation, validation, authentication and notarization across the U.S.
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Updating Estate Plans

It is recommended to revisit/update an Estate Plan every three to seven years (annually in the event of major life changes like divorce, death, new birth or health crisis). Here too, updates must be notarized and validated.

Prestige offers a full range of services from simple local notary to full document assembly: printing, binding, creating the tabbed book, shrink wrapping and delivery.

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When It's Important To Be Local

Sam lives in New York. His aging mother is in Tennessee. She updated her Living Revocable Trust four times over 10 years. Each update required Sam to fly to Tennessee, drive to the attorney’s office; re-sign and re-notarize the documents – costing thousands when all is said and done (mostly in travel costs).

Prestige could have saved Sam and his mother those costs by providing local Remote Online Notarization
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