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Title & Escrow

“I work with agents who think it has to be done right now and clients who want it done yesterday. Prestige makes it possible. Frankly, it’s a relief.”

Real Estate / Real Need

According to reports, US home sales are anticipated to remain close to the 5 million mark in 2024 - rising to nearly 6 million by 2025. Anticipated declines in interest rates and global “return to office” mandates are shaping the market.

Whether home sales are up or down, Title & Escrow agents are critical to the process of real estate transactions. Prestige understands this like no other provider – we are Title & Escrow agents ourselves.
Prestige - Digital sealing property transactions

Real Estate Pain Points

The process of buying or selling a home is fraught with friction. For every transaction Title & Escrow agents must navigate two or more real estate agents, their respective parties; lenders, and a system with multiple hurdles – making the process anything but fast & smooth.

Often state regulations dictate which party selects the title & escrow agent; who has signing authority; and document verification processes can differ. Real Estate agents loom large in the process: fixated on one factor above all else – getting the deal DONE.

Executing the proper documents can produce a burden all their own – local laws and stipulations differ from state to state (let alone when purchasing abroad)
Prestige - Traditional Notarization

When & Why

A real estate notary is a crucial part of the closing process because they ensure that all documents are signed correctly and handled according to the laws of the state where the purchase is made. This is why local, manually-vetted and field-tested notary agents are key to a smooth process.
My reputation is safe with Prestige. Out of state clients report that the Prestige notary preset at the signing ‘clearly knew what they were doing,’” 
Annette Rose, Hy Water Title
Prestige’s 260,000 nationwide notaries help avoid unnecessary mistakes that could slow the closing process or even jeopardize the home purchase, like:

· Florida requires two witnesses – the notary can serve as one
· California requires one credible witness (over age 18), but other states require a credible witness known to both parties.
· Acceptable alternatives to a valid ID (credible witnesses, other government documentation) vary from state to state – knowing which will suffice can mean the difference between a closing being abandoned or not.

Whatever it Takes

We’ve had notary agent helicopter between Hawaiian Islands to secure signatures. In one instance, a signer was on a camping vacation in Alaska. We dispatched an agent to meet her at a mile marker to get the job done.

We take your work very seriously and help you get to success for the agents, sellers and buyers.
“Real Estate transactions are fluid up to the last minute with constant changes, yet Prestige gets them closed on time which makes us look really good to our clients,” 
Jeff Dillon, Empire Title & Escrow.
Prestige - Smooth Travel Experience

Our Process

Some agents simply take documents to the closing and execute the signing/seal application and depart. Prestige’s special sauce is the staff that goes “above & beyond” – each document uploaded to our system is read and reviewed to ensure they meet local needs. Our Notary Signing Agents review all the closing documents in a loan package despite not being allowed to provide advice or counsel however, they can ask questions of the agents to ensure the outcome is best for all involved.

Our role is more than merely informing the borrower know where to place a signature and initials on the closing paperwork.
“The level of peace of mind I have working with Prestige makes it feel like they are an extension of my team. They make us look great to our clients,” 
Lindsey Eckhert, Lewis-Kappes

Online and IRL

Prestige is saluted for its streamlined, efficient and comprehensive process:

· Online portal document upload

· We call to review specs

· Assign a local notary – text/email with contact info

· Prestige vetted local notary agent reviews materials

• Calls with any feedback

· Attends closing (acting as an extension of your team), answers any outstanding questions

· Notifies you when signing is completed

· Scans, uploads & ships originals to all parties
The three things we hear most often from our Title & Escrow clients is that Prestige:

1. Gives them back their time

2. Keep Real Estate Agents informed along the journey (frees up their time)

3. Provides them a hack for getting the current job done while processing more on their desk.
In short, we help you plow through the mountain of work on your desk. Let us help you.
Prestige - online employee onboarding
  • My office switched to Prestige Notaries after having an established relationship with another notary company for years. The service we have received has been wonderful, the notaries have been great and Jennifer is always on top of things. Our clients see the notary as an extension of our escrow team and having that last experience be positive is important in maintaining client relationships. Thank you for making that a pleasant experience for our clients!
    Michelle K.
    Title & Escrow Manager, Puyallup, WA

  • Unbelievably fast service in responding to order and scheduling signings. My last order was processed, signed, and back to FedEx within 2 hours, allowing us to close a super-rush transaction with a surprise out-of-state seller. Amazing service!
    Susan B.
    Title & Escrow Manager, Des Moines, WA
  • "I have been utilizing Prestige Notaries for almost 4 years for C Suite Executive wet signings, mobile notarizations, and Apostille services. I love the online dashboard, the live support, the quick turnaround time, and the dedication to perfection. Prestige Notaries has completed hundreds of appointments for my team and thousands of notarizations. My only complaint is that I didn't find them sooner!"
    Nolan S.
    Legal assistant, International Law Firm

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