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Prestige Pioneered Remote Online Notary Service - then went Global

In 2014, Virginia became the first US state to recognize/validate notarizations performed remotely/online.
Prestige began offering Remote Online Notary services in 2016 (well before the pandemic of 2020). During the four years leading up to the pandemic shut-down, Prestige emerged as a pioneer in the use and offer of Remote Online Notary services.

Remote Notarization Mastery

As more and more states began to recognize Remote Notarization - each with its own set of rules - Prestige’s mastery of local needs reinforced its go-to provider status. Since jurisdiction follows the notary, not the location, remote online notarization provided a way for parties to:
Analyze credentials (via knowledge-based identification or biometrics where available)
Perform signings using a web camera (with video recording)
Authenticate signatures and documents
Complete a signing fully remotely with an electronic signature and notary stamp
Create both printed and digital files; along with journal entries, these are kept for 10 years and a digital certification is applied

Notarization Without Boundaries

During the pandemic, and with the development of our Apostille service, Prestige expanded the use of Remote Online Notarization globally.

Online notarization is the future of these services. Never again will you have to rely on the schedule of a notary agent or work around their office hours. Here’s how it works:
No ID, No Problem: Remote Online Notarization and the credible witness laws of the notary's state work in tandem to execute a transaction utilizing a friend or family to join the webcam session and swear under oath that the signer is who they say they are. This is especially useful in the event that a signer loses their ID and their state doesn't allow the use of credible witnesses or their family lives in another state.
Borderless Real Estate: If someone selling property is overseas, we can use a Remote Online Notary based in the U.S. to execute the documents and immediately have electronic originals.
On Your Mark: When time is of the essence and every day counts, a remote online notary can be used to swiftly execute and have the original electronic documents within 15 minutes. So there is no need to wait for shipping delays.
Convenient, Legally Binding Solutions: Many states prohibit non-U.S. government-issued photo ID for notarizations, so if you have a non-U.S. signer in one of these states, they can't legally get documents notarized unless they use RON.
Prestige offers a game-changing solution for legal transactions with tight deadlines and complex circumstances. Let’s give an example: a Florida lawyer faces a last-minute hurdle when the seller, residing in China and lacking proper identification, must close a property deal urgently. Instead of conceding defeat, the firm turns to Prestige's Remote Online Notary service. Within minutes, the seller and his brother verify identities online, enabling electronic signing and notarization of documents.

This seamless process ensures the deal closes on time, avoiding costly delays. Such scenarios are routine for Prestige, exemplified by another case where a claimant lacking original identification swiftly finalized crucial legal documents via webcam session, securing a significant settlement before a looming deadline.

Trust Prestige for efficient, reliable solutions in the face of challenging legal circumstances.

Secure, Legal, and Convenient Remote Notarization - Worldwide

At Prestige, we are dedicated to offering top-tier online notary services on a global scale. Our remote notary services provide the ultimate blend of convenience, legal compliance, and international recognition, making notarization an effortless task no matter where you are in the world.

Why Prestige Stands Out

Worldwide Accessibility

Access our notary services from anywhere globally, ensuring your documents are notarized regardless of your location.

Notarization At Your Fingertips

Say “sayonara” to the days of tracking down a notary yourself and working around their schedule. Our platform has a legion of notaries waiting in the wings.

Legally Compliant and Secure

Our online notarization process adheres to the highest legal standards, guaranteeing that your notarized documents are legally valid and recognized.

State To State

Thanks to recent legislation, the SECURE Act allows immediate nationwide use of remote online notarization (RON) with minimum standards and provides certainty for the interstate recognition of RON.

Effortless International Recognition

With Apostille Services, we streamline the apostille process, expediting the validation of your notarized documents for international use under the Hague Apostille Convention.

Time and Cost Efficient

Save valuable time and resources with our quick, online notarization process, eliminating the need for in-person visits.
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When to Consider Apostille Services

Some instances where an apostille can be beneficial:
Individuals and businesses operating internationally.
Expatriates and travelers need documents notarized for use in their home country.
Anyone requiring fast, legal notarization without geographical constraints.
Prestige Notaries - Apostille Notary Services.
Prestige - apostilles on international transactions

Enhancing Notarization with Apostille Services

An apostille certifies the authenticity of the signature, seal, or stamp on a document, making it readily accepted in countries that are members of the Hague Apostille Convention. This is essential for:
Legalizing documents like power of attorney, contracts, or academic records for use abroad.
Simplifying international business transactions.
Ensuring acceptance of legal documents by foreign entities.

Simplify Your Notarization Needs

Online Appointment Booking

Schedule your notarization session effortlessly through our user-friendly platform.

Remote Notarization Process

Connect with our notaries via a secure video link for live document signing and notarization.

Apostille Processing

Request apostille services for your notarized documents to ensure global acceptance.

Digital Delivery

Receive your notarized and apostilled documents promptly via secure digital channels.

Get Started with Prestige for Global Notarization Solutions

Ease and reliability - that’s our promise. We are your partner; ensuring your documents are notarized and globally recognized, no matter where you are.
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