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3M Lawsuit Settlement

Between 2003 and 2015, the US military Combat Arms was supplied earplugs by Aearo Technologies, Inc., and its parent company 3M. The earplugs were provided to service members to protect their hearing from the loud noises of combat and training.

The earplugs were standard issue for troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, yet based on a whistleblower suit brought by a competitor, 3M and Aearo were aware the earplugs were defective; they did not meet mandated standards of protection.

3M settled with the US Military in 2018. After this settlement, individual service members began filing suits for a variety of hearing loss issues and tinnitus (incessant ringing or other noise in the ear).

Current accounts cite between 230,000 and 300,000 veterans were affected and have filed lawsuits with similar claims – so many that they were centralized under a Florida court into an MDL (multi-district litigation: a consolidation which streamlines complex civil lawsuits based on the same defendant conduct).
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The Verdict?

In December 2022, the judge hearing the MDL allowed these plaintiffs to sue 3M directly paving the way for negotiated settlements.

Deadlines Looming

Is your firm active in the 3M earplug suit? $6 billion has been set aside for claimants. But representatives have lost contact with a large section of them. Reconnecting with lost claimants offers them relief and your firm a chance to increase its net revenue. 

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The US Veterans Administration reports that hearing problems are the #1 service-related disability. So much so that the VA is the nation’s largest employer of audiologists.

Fallout from 3M/Aearo’s defective earplugs is evident:

In 2001, 1.8 of every 1,000 service members experienced some form of hearing problem

By 2015, that figure jumped to 6.8.

The Power Of Prestige

Got a lock on your claimant pool?

If you are like other firms we represent, you may not have connected with 100% your claimants.

Prestige has an 88 to 97% success rate connecting with lost claimants.

The minimum payout in this first-round runs between $50,000 and $100,000 per claimant – your percentage on that adds up fast.
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